Cory McKague – “JBSW960”

(Photo by student)

Piece Statement:

My work takes a look at the corporations in the United States and try to learn more about their socio-economic relationship in our country. JBS is a subsidiary of a Brazilian company, JBSW, the world’s largest meat processing plant.

Cattle ranching in Brazil is causing up to 80% of the destruction of our rainforest. 960 Hectares were burned last year alone. I used this sculpture to bring awareness to myself and those around me about the cause and effect of where our goods come from. I used the trojan steer as a parable to illustrate that these cows are more than just vessels for hamburgers, and that their origins may have a more complex history.

Art Education and Studio Major (Sculpture & Digital Fabrication)

Recycled wood, glue, nails, boat soup, and rope
84” x 36” x 72”
Fall 2019

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