Cory McKague – “The Sky is Falling”

(Photo by student)

Piece Statement:

In the piece “The Sky is Falling” I wanted to illustrate the power of a word. Social media has created a platform of unaccountability with devastating proportions. The power that one word can have, without accountability can have astronomical consequences.

Many of my work deals with concepts of power. The baby chick, in a lot of ways, represents almost the opposite of this. As individuals, we can feel powerless, disconnected and staring at our phones. This is contrasted with the looming bombs on the horizon, implying power. We see the world through our phones, and I think it can often distract us from reality. By forcing the viewer to interact with the sculpture with their phones, I try and make this connection.

Art Education and Studio Major (Sculpture & Digital Fabrication)

Bronze and GPS-based Augmented Reality
6” x 4” x 3”
Fall 2019

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